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The core of hexrod is the engineering stress analysis developed by everett garrison and described in his book, a masters guide to building a bamboo fly rod, everett garrison and hoagy b. Carl is an ifff certified master fly casting instructor and has been involved in the international federation of fly fishers instructors program for many years, serving on the ci examination committee and international testing committee. The joy of giving a gift certificate for a custom fly rod is threefold. No other bamboo fly rod i own comes close to the weight and length ratio of this fly rod. If you know quite a bit about fly fishing but want to improve your knowledge and skills, then this course is for you. Save 10% on your purchase when you sign up for our newsletter. The measuring units can be switched over from inches to millimeters.

Another fine fly rod in sages all water line is the sage x series fly rod. How to build yourself, step by step, your bamboo fly rod, with this ebook and its videos. Note this item is a digital download voucher card download your software from. This series is sages flagship series and it may very well redefine the meaning of an all around fly rod where precision and accuracy are needed over a wide range of conditions.

Rod building fly tying lure making anglers workshop 580 north st. It allows for a multitude of options in regards to sketching, planning and drawing of product models. Please limit your photo uploads to those directly associated with custom rod building. This forum began as clarks classic bamboo rod forum, founded by clark davis for all who share a passion for classic rods. Loomis, orvis, sage, temple fork outfitters, white river fly shop and more.

Rodstar is the only predictive and design software of its kind to automatically design optimized steel, corod, fiberglass, or carbon fiber rod strings for you in seconds with the wave equation. With house of kolor digital paint booth you can select from a catalog of over 252 popular vehicles and paint them digitally on your computer screen. The swift fly fishing company handcrafts the worlds best fly rods. Reid bamboo fly rods strive to strike a balance between soul and performance, beauty and power, traditional and. Wayne cattanach implemented the analysis in the basic language and named it hexrod, and this online version is started as a translation of waynes code into cgiperl by this author. The classic fly rod forum favorite fly rod designer. Using the cross wrap alignment tool place marks on the collar at the far end. Bamboo rod design and analysis roddna software chris bogart. This detailed article compares 5 categories of performance among the various sage fly rods. See more ideas about custom fishing rods, fly rods and cool wraps.

Visualwrap is a unique software package for rod builders that enables you to design and visualise decorative cross wraps for rods before you begin to decorate your rod. Sage igniter fly rods power, precision, performance. Using worldclass materials and years of experience gained while working with fenwick and grizzly rod companies, don revolutionized the fly fishing world. I am not fluent in the english language, and i apologize. Design fly rods and fly reels are trying to prove that saying true.

Rod building tools and rod wrappers anglers workshop. Visualweave is new weave design software for custom rod builders. There is much more that goes into making you a great fly rod than taper alone. Adding a bent rod chart to the analysis is like removing a blindfold. For sale here is a beautiful bill abrams copy of a h.

Epic fly rods handcrafted in fiberglass and graphite. High sierra rod company bamboo rod design and analysis. The complete rod requires a reel designed by a separate maker. My friend david, i want to thank you for the invitation to participate in crafty anglers website.

This latest program, roddna designer, takes that first step made by roddna and runs with it to provide. Welcome to roddnathe bamboo rod design and analysis software. A new book is coming out from john betts and michael hackney called fly lines how to make them. Read our detailed rod line comparison and choose the rod that best fits your fishing scenarios and style preferences. Wayne cattanach implemented the analysis in the basic language and named it hexrod, and this. The application also covers all of the basic knowledge and information needed for successful ongoing product design. We did that, and in 97 licensed our concept and design to sage, calling it center axis.

Choosing the right thread for your application is important, but do not overlook the thread accessories that can help make your next rod building project a success. It bestows much honor upon me to accept this request. This latest program, roddna designer, takes that first step made by roddna and runs with it to provide the first full fledge bamboo rod taper development and analysis environment. The center axis system can only be as good as the rod its mated to, so truth be told, the majority of our effort went into developing a truly excellent fly rod. Abrams, william housatonic rods sedgwick 86 bamboo rod. Visual wrap software digital download voucher card. Rodstar can recommend the pumping unit and motor size you need and can simulate nema d or ultra high slip motors. It indicates for every rod the taper, stress, differential and slope curves in the form of a diagram. Also offered are fine rods from contemporary makers who have learned from the masters and have in some cases greatly improved upon them in certain aspects. Feb 19, 2019 feb 19, 2019 custom rod builder equipment. For his contribution to the leonard beveling machine and his featherweight fly rods. The purpose of this page is to discuss topics of fly rod design for you to consider. It is based on wayne cattanachs original guide program, which is a clever yet easy method to an attractive guide spacing. Fly rods designed and built by fly anglers and rod makers.

If youre interested in making bamboo fly rods, join us at the gathering in october, or follow the links below to join the online gathering of bamboo rod makers. Flexrod in its current state is not a taper design tool. The tool suite includes both traditional bamboo design tools and introduces the rod designer with new and innovative design tools that makes roddna designer the most complete and powerful bamboo fly rod taper design suite. Fly rod marketing myths lighter is better high modulus graphite equals a better fly rod a fast action is a better casting rod the standards will remain the same one company is the best at all things 11. On stream experience is still required, but you can see how the rod bends under a simulated load and how the stress values relate to the bent rod. To that end here are the concerns and details i put into making your j.

If you are a bamboo rod maker and would like to obtain a licensed copy of roddna free of charge. Shop bass pro shops fly fishing for fly rods from top brands including g. For those makers who want to design and modify their own tapers, the new roddna designer release and book bamboo rod taper design with roddna designer is. Please enjoy browsing our bamboo rods for sale from classic makers such as paul h. It has been designed to run on various computer operating systems including microsofts windows, linux and.

A day in the life of a fly rod designer july 8, 2016 july, 2016 postfly a fly rod is a rare blend of beauty, design and performance that you cant find in many other sports, or even other objects in general for that matter. Source was iffy, so i wanted to see if it was a wellknown taper or not. In 1997, we were very busy promoting the strange idea that fly reels should have large arbors, so its understandable that a complete restructuring of the rodreel system was a league too far. It covers a variety of components and techniques at every stage during the construction of both freshwater and saltwater fly rods. The various fly rod actions all have their place and none should be overlooked in choosing your fly rod. Custom fishing rods cool wraps custom wraps weaving designs wrap pattern dyi crafts fly rods fly fishing fishing tips. George explains the techniques he uses when creating a diamond cross wrap design for his custom fishing rods. Its a great design thats proven to be very popular. This book contains 52 pages and over 100 detailed illustrations. We started with a unique practice line and leader design and reverse engineered the rod, creating a set of components that work together in perfect harmony. Larry tusonis rod dna designer program will match any taper you enter to all of the tapers in the roddna data base and give you a list of the closest 12 tapers based on any one of five parameters. If you know nothing about fly fishing, then this course is for you. Mar 16, 2008 adding a bent rod chart to the analysis is like removing a blindfold. Visualwrap is cross wrap design software for custom fishing rod builders.

It is designed to make the job of creating grid patterns and left lists for weaving as simple as possible. If you are interested in cane rods, or rod crafting, you may sign up for the listserver by clicking the join button and following the instructions. Beaverbuilt is proud to offer the complete line of sage blanks custom built for you. Over 300 craftsmen from 39 states have gathered on the white river near cotter arkansas since 1998. Designing your custom fly rod custom fly fishing rods by. Occasional photos of fish caught on your custom rods are acceptable, however, and should be placed in the miscellaneous category. If you have just wandered in, feel free to browse and download anything you find. This page finds a spacing for the guides on your flyrod.

The global fly fishers guide to building bamboo fly rods. Garrisons stress calculation formulas from chapter 14 of the book. Custom fly fishing rods by chris lantzy, custom rod maker. The software allows you to easily load an image file, create a grid pattern, and create a left list. A rod that strikes a balance between speed and loop control. This video shows the designing of a rod wrap design using rods 1 custom rod design studio. Jul 08, 2016 a day in the life of a fly rod designer july 8, 2016 july, 2016 postfly a fly rod is a rare blend of beauty, design and performance that you cant find in many other sports, or even other objects in general for that matter.

The finest classic vintage fly fishing tackle available today bamboo rods, reels, flies, art, accessories, etc. Fly rods with soul custom fly rods by epic premium quality fly. Bamboorodmaking tips tips area rod design software. Piscifun sword graphite fly fishing rod 4 piece 9ft im7 carbon fiber blank accurate placement ingenious design chromed guide and durable rod tube size. The beauty of custom built fly rods hatch magazine fly. Young, thomas and thomas, lyle dickerson, ef payne, hl leonard rod co, goodwin granger, and many others. Some of these topics, im sure, are at the top of your list when choosing a fly rod while others may have been overlooked. Southern rodmakers is an annual gathering of bamboo fly rod makers. All of my in house bamboo fly rod tapers have been developed through a combination of initial concept, design, and on water, real world field testing. Roddna the bamboo rod design and analysis software. The rod design software itaper from swiss tackle is the perfect tool to build split cane fly rods. To that end, learn design sketching is a software application geared towards product design students and beginners. Whether its a custom shotgun, custom set of golf clubs, or a special custom piece of furniture, each custom item is one of a kind.

During the more than forty years i have been fly fishing, three major influences have helped form my rod design philosophy. On the other hand it goes without saying that the functional aspects of the design should certainly not be forgotten. On the one hand there is the firm belief that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and l. This is a two part video that will not be a good visual unless you watch both. I have always felt that the word custom means a product that is unique to the customer and different than those that are mass produced in a factory. Aug 01, 2018 there is no better way to learn about product design than by following in the footsteps of those who came before you. Tapers will be posted under each rodmaker by name, if you wish to submit new tapers, please include a brief description. It lets you design, view, edit and share cross wrap patterns.

I describe these tapers as a balance of traditional feel with modern response. The classic fly rod forum the classic fly rod classifieds. Let me briefly introduce myself first before i tell you what i do. This course is for anyone who is between the beginner to intermediate level. The tfo office rod enables you to practice and perfect all types of single and two handed casts. Hexrod is a set of tools for split cane fly rod tapers. Roddna contains an implementation of john bokstoms fly rod design by controlled modification, and is used by permission. Use the diameter from the middle between the two collars of tape. Founded in 1980 by legendary rod designer don green, sage was created with one idea in mind to build the worlds finest performance fly rods. Jims reflections on flexrod and the future of taper analytics are posted at this link. Translate fly rod to english online and download now our free translation software to use at any time. Design offers a standard programme of fly rods which includes the following models.

Is there any way to input a taper, then have software computer analyze it to see if it matches and existing taper in a database somewhere. However, even when the correlation is very high, the stress curve of the models listed may be quite different from yours. Each epic studio built fly rod is custom crafted specifically for you from start to finish here in our studio workshop no detail is overlooked. This tradition of excellence has been recognised by rod builders and anglers the. Choose from white river fly shop, orvis, sage and other top brands at bass pro shops. It puts together a comprehensive suite of tools that delivers to the bamboo rod maker the power to design and analyze new tapers quickly and easily. Some models, however, indicated by have a significantly stiffer action.

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