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As dramatized by the french playwright jean racine 163999, the dying queens obsessive love for her stepson, hippolytus, and the scrupulously upright hippolytus love for the forbidden beauty aricia has come to be known as one of the great stories of. Hughes handled tight forms well in his early work, but several decades of writing in a. This poem is one in a series written by ted hughes, addressing his wife, the american poet sylvia plath, who committed suicide in 1963. Daou zeiz goude e voe krouet ur pezh all, anvet phedre et hippolyte ivez, savet gant nicolas pradon war leurenn an hotel guenegaud.

Interview with joanne akalaitis from courts classic magazine about phedre. It is not possible to read ted hughes phedre casually. His last book of poems, birthday letters, won the whitbread book of the year prize. Tales from ovid is made up of twentyfour passages from ovids metamorphoses and grew out hughess translation of four tales for after ovid, new metamorphosis1996, which was edited by m. Marija bergam considers hughess version of racines play. I say this not only because shes the main character in this glorious play, and even less because shes been played by some of the greatest actresses in the world sarah bernhardt, helen mirren, fernanda montenegro yes, even brazil adapted this famous play.

Ted hughes contemporary translation 1998 is based on the french neoclassical playwright jeanbaptist racines canonical play, phedre. As dramatized by the french playwright jean racine 16391699, the dying queens obsessive love for her stepson, hippolytus, and the scrupulously upright hippolytuss love for the forbidden beauty aricia has come to be regarded as one of the great stories of tragic infatuation, the model for dozens of. The offers requires that we see them as inseparable, even in death. For those who have read little of his work, it offers one of the poetic experiences of a lifetime. Click download or read online button to get phedre in a new version by ted hughes book now. Translation by ted hughes by aeschylus the oresteia of aeschylus. Pdf translating racines phaedra for the english stage colin. Ted hughes 193098 wrote more than forty books of poetry, prose, and translation, including his version of the oresteia of aeschylus and the alcestis of euripides. Like a flexed muscle, every moment of phedre is taut with raw power. Plays with classical referents listed by publication. One of the giants of 20th century british poetry, ted hughes was born in mytholmroyd, yorkshire in 1930. The myth of phaedra is one of the most powerful in all of classical mythology. The authors full and free translation of racines phaedra is published in pdf.

This version was staged shortly before his death with diana rigg playing the title role. First performed in 1677 and updated in 1998 by poet laureate ted hughes, phedredraws its inspiration. Ted hughes poem pike has as its subject a species of freshwater fish that the poet used to encounter when fishing at a large old pond in england. The free ebook in pdf format includes the french text, glossary and references. Collected poems edited by paul keegan faber and faber, uk, 2003. When he was seven the family moved to mexborough, a nearby mining town, where hughes parents ran a local newsagents shop. Phedre in a new version by ted hughes download ebook pdf. The british poet laureate ted hughes produced a highly regarded free verse translation of. Ted hughes 19301998 was born in mytholmroyd, west yorkshire, in 1930. He served as poet laureate to queen elizabeth ii, and in the year before his death he was awarded the whitbread book of the year prize for tales from ovid and the forward prize for birthday letters, and received an order of merit. In 1956 he met and married the american poet sylvia plath, who encouraged him to submit his manuscript to a first book contest.

Translation and literature is an interdisciplinary scholarly journal focusing on english literature in its foreign relations. At the centre of its tight plot is the incestual lust of the fatally possessed queen and stepmother, whose unrequited. He is also known for his marriage to the american poet sylvia plath. Phedre, by jean racine, in a new version by ted hughes. The french baroque composer jeanphilippe rameaus first opera hippolyte et aricie 1733 was based on racines phedre as was simon mayrs 1820 opera fedra. Ted hughes was born on august 17th, 1930, the third child of edith farrar and william hughes of mytholmroyd, yorkshire. The british poet laureate ted hughes produced a highly regarded free verse translation of phedre. I am currently rehearsing to perform the play and i find that if i ever try to just read it sitting down, i get cramps in my neck. Andy armitage offers a thorough appreciation of hughess versions of ovids great poems. Poet of the spirits of the land books the guardian. A new translation by ted hughes by racine, hardcover. Hughes had an opportunity to experience the beautiful landscapes, rock mountains and the moors of yorkshire.

In doing so, hughes drew not only on ancient myths but also on the work of previous writers influenced by mythology, such as robert graves, w b yeats and carl jung. Phedre is a french dramatic tragedy in five acts written in alexandrine verse by jean racine. After serving as in the royal air force, hughes attended cambridge, where he studied archeology and anthropology, taking a special interest in myths and legends. A play paperback ted hughes pdf vista software more images. Phedre is a product of the busy translational activity mainly aimed at the stage which marked the last phase of hughess production. Phedre is a product of the busy translational activity mainly aimed at the stage which marked the last phase of hughes s production. Phedre written by jean racine translated by ted hughes directed by virginia reh designed by david vivian feb. May 25, 2016 andy armitage explains how ted hughes used mythology to think and write about vitality and death. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Ted hughes s tough, unrhyming avalanche of a translation paul taylor, the independent replaces racines alexandrines with an english verse that serves eloquently to convey the protagonists passions.

A new translation by ted hughes by aeschylus in the last year of his life, ted hughes completed translations of three major dramatic works. In his translation of this speech from act ii, scene 5 pp. He studied archaeology and anthropology at cambridge which became determinant factors. Among ted hughes s translations are the oresteia of aeschylus, racines phedre, and tales from ovid. The translation, performed to acclaim in london in 1998. Ted hughes and translation it is a pretty poem, mr pope, but you must not call it homer. With a character described as voluptuous, uneasy and jealous, jean racine was an ambitious courtier, an astute businessman, and a frequenter of actresses, but he was also a childhood believer in the jansenist doctrine that man is a miserable creature saved only by gods grace, and playwriting seems no longer to have interested him in later life. Little needs to happen on stage when theres a swirling actionpacked disaster movieriddled with sex and violencein hughes s free verse. Here, the speaker recalls a time when he and his wife were living in spain, and she became ill. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. His nature poems reflect the omnipresent power of nature. Phaedra and oenone, illustration from act i scene 3 of phedre by jean racine. Birthday letters offers us a way to see ted hughes from inside his partnership with plath. Whether by accident or design, that sentence spoken by sylvia plath through the medium of ted hughes would be on record as his last words.

Ted hughes, english poet whose most characteristic verse is without sentimentality, emphasizing the cunning and savagery of animal life in harsh, sometimes disjunctive lines. Richard bentley quoted in samuel johnsons life of pope. The text is admirably clear perhaps the clearest of any rendering but is written as notes in a plebeian diction extremely pleasant, makes me sweat and ungainly speech rhythms. Phedre a lean, hightension version of a classic tragedy. E dward james hughes, who died yesterday after a long battle with cancer was, after wh auden, arguably the finest english poet of the century. You lay helpless and a little bit crazy with the fever. Racines phedre, euripedes alcestis, and the trilogy of plays known as at the oresteia, a family story of astonishing power and the. Marija bergam considers hughes s version of racines play. For more information about individual items go to the drama database and search under author title. Download pdf phedre free online new books in politics. He was poet laureate to queen elizabeth ii and lived in devon, england until he died in 1998.

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