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They are usually lightweight, ranging from 1550 pounds per square foot. The green house complex located in budapest, hungary comprises several living roofs ranging from extensive all the way to intensive green roofs. Archigreen the worlds finest green roof products was installed on all the vegetated roofs of this prestigious project in 2012. Semiintensive green roofs require a deeper soil layer, but the payoff is in the types of plantings that can be used. Contact columbia green or your local roofing representative for a joint specification. Harvesting the sun 1825 kb the performance potential of the fully integrated solar garden roof. Pdf a comprehensive study of green roof performance from. The vast majority of plants used on extensive or intensive green roofs thrive best within a specific airtowater ratio range in the root zone of a green roof system. Shallow green roofs usually have as little as four to six inches of substrate and do not typically support a large diversity of plant species because of root zone limitations. Green roof solutions three basic vegetation solutions exist for green roofs. An extensive green roof is a lightweight, low maintenance option that typically does not require irrigation and consists primarily of sedum. The substrate is usually an aggregate mixed with about 20% organic material. During summer the temperatures in cities are approximately 57c higher than in the countryside due to buildings and roads heat absorption and the temperature on the traditional roof can be up to 40c higher compared to the green roof.

Green roof systems can be shallow typically referred to as extensive or deep typically referred to as intensive. This green roof system is highly cost efficient, particularly in the long run, due to almost no need to maintain a highend maintenance system. The intention of the small scale green roof online guide is take some of the mystery out of how to build a green roof. The fll green roof guidelines guidelines for the planning, construction and maintenance of green roofs were developed from the principles for green roofing published in 1982 and have been revised several times since 1990. Many sites that sell green roof products can confuse people.

Typical extensive installation 2017 green walls, green. In addition to the mosses, grasses, and sedum of extensive roofs, semiintensive plantings include herbs, flowering plants, taller grasses, and small shrubs. A comprehensive study of green roof performance from. However, it is important to be aware of the difference in drought tolerance in different sedum species. The vegetation layer consists of sedums and wildflowers.

Besides the visual impact of an extensive green roof, they also provide a natural habitat for birds and insects. Our company can help with technical consultancy, customized technical solutions for intensive, extensive green roofs and green walls. An extensive green roof can reduce sound from outside by 40 decibels, while an intensive green roof can reduce sound by 4650 decibels peck et al. Plants for green roofstechnical preservation services. Free to use green roof system bim object from single ply roofing association. Green roof sections cad drawing cadblocksfree cad blocks free. Cityflor green roof systems, sbs modified bitumen membranes suitable for use in roof gardens intensive, green roof extensive, brown roof, biodiverse roof or protected terracebalcony specifications.

Sep 26, 2014 6 semiintensive green roof hybrid periodic maintenance periodic irrigation from grassherb roofs to green roofs with shrubs buildup height 4. Vegetation composition of old extensive green roofs from 1980s. Green roof benefits about green roofs green roofs for. Please contact us for support in determining which details are most pertinent to your individual project. In 2009 work began on the predecessor of this document, the gro green roof code of best practice for the uk 2011.

This variety of extensive green roof is most ideal for areas which need yearround storm water management. With a plant palette consisting of hardy, drought tolerant sedum species, this is the green roof system with low cost, simple installation, lightweight and low maintenance requirements. Method e23995, standard test method for maximum media density for dead load analysis of green roof systems. Extensive green roofs are designed to be low maintenance, lightweight systems with no general access. Colourful and long lasting, a green roof system with the perfect mix of low cost and durability. The main difference with a ans grufekit extensive roof is that it comes in kitform and is quick and easy to install, not to mention the fact that it is pregrown and therefore green from the start and does not require irrigation. An extensive green roof is a lightweight, low maintenance option that typically does not. From this section you can download product specifications. The vast majority of plants used on extensive or intensive green roofs thrive. The watering system, whether manual or automatic, is mainly used. Looking for a product to achieve a successful green roof or achieve your onsite stormwater management goals. Extensive green roof systems are now available with wildflowers, grasses. Download this free 2d cad block of green roof sections i ncluding material details.

Cityflor, green roof system axter free bim object for. Green roofs can increase a buildings marketability. Design details here you can find details about structures, solutions, cad aids, that can offer you planning help for intensive and extensive green roofs. Light and fairly thin, the plant system can be established on any type of support such as wood or steel. Jan 09, 2018 construction details greenroofroofscape systems.

Our extensive green roof also includes vegetation that is more or less selfperpetuating and that can further develop and maintain itself. Download bim object for extensive urbanscape green roof. Typically, they have thin layers of substrate the growing medium to keep depth and weight to a minimum. Green roofs reduce the energy required for heating and cooling. The ideal growth medium for extensive green roof systems with hardy and drought tolerant vegetation. The guide has been updated with new elements with more sketches and now multimedia input such as videos. Extensive green roof structure with bituminous vapour barrier intensive green roof structure with bituminous vapour barrier.

These weight classes are designed to guide you in choosing the best option for your project based on. The selected group of plants requires very little maintenance and develops into a stable ecosystem. The object content is configured for use in uk, but it may also be suitable for use in other locations. The substrate sits on the green roof system filter sheet, drainage layer, protection layer. Hydrological function of a thin extensive green roof in southern sweden. Intensive green roofs can be safely installed on horizontal decks, whereas with extensive green roofs minimum falls of. Jan 19, 2016 roof covered with vegetation either completely or partially. The system has been developed for use directly over the waterproofing without the need for a secondary layer of substrate.

Drsstandard self the drsstandard selfstabilized safety railing was specified at the aplha park project in sopron, hungary in 2008, since it meets the ibc code, and reduced the hazard of a leaking roof by. Pdf this paper gives an overview of extensive green roofs in. Establishing a green roof once installed considerations for the building location to ensure success faqs on green roofs downloads. Cityflor green roof systems, sbs modified bitumen membranes suitable for use in roof gardens intensive, green roof extensive, brown roof, biodiverse roof or protected terracebalcony. Along with the makeup and depth of the growing medium, selecting the right plants is crucial to the success of a green roof. This autocad construction detail can be used in your architectural detail design drawings. Extensive green roof systems are lowmaintenance and typically require occasional weeding or plant maintenance on an annual basis.

The guide still contains stepbystep instructions on how to build a green roof on a shed, an extension or a new build. Evaluation of vegetable production on extensive green roofs. Nonaccessed extensive green roof lightweight, all in one vegetation system comprising mature sedums pregrown on an integrated multifunctional water retention and filter layer with 20mm of extensive substrate. Visit green roof technologys website to download living wall and sky garden. Design of extensive green roofs for the major school plants of piraeus. This is the greenest commercial establishment on the. Roofs and walls design of cylindrical concrete sheel roofs nfpa 30 section 22.

Although the specifics of green roof design may vary, all green roofs have the same basic components fig. Pdf the role of extensive green roofs in sustainable. Zinco has partnerships with various waterproofing membrane manufacturers through which we can offer full system and overburden warrantees. The green roof organisation was established in 2008 in response to the demand for uk relevant guidance for the increasing number of green roofs being specified in the uk. Download green roof and living wall resources and documents. Green roofs have excellent noise attenuation, especially for low frequency sounds. Since the installation of extensive green roofs is easier and more flexible, most of the researches focused on the harsh environment on extensive green roofs provided. If the inline pdf is not rendering correctly, you can download the pdf file here. These extensive green roofs generally have 80mm of substrate. We have vegetative roof details in pdf, dwg autocad, and autodesk revit rvt 2d and rfa 3d formats. The role of extensive green roofs in sustainable development. Greenroof roofscapes construction details green roof. Here, you will find all necessary planning guides and product data sheets for the design of your green roof. Drainage and water retention elements bauder filtering layer bauder protection layers attention designers, general entrepreneurs and those who install waterproofing.

The zinco green roof systems are backed by a comprehensive 10 year system performance warranty as well as a material integrity warranty. Drought tolerance in different vegetation types for extensive. Green roofs roofs pdf water testing flat roofs heat gain and loss. Cad computer aided design is a combination of hardware and software computer technology that enables designers architects, engineers, etc. Namun, ada sebuah masalah untuk menghijaukan suatu kota atau area perumahan karena harga tanah juga relatif mahal. Pdf evaluation of vegetable production on extensive green roofs. The small scale green roof online guide has been designed to be user friendly on tablets and devices with smaller screens. As experts in green roof and stormwater management products, vegetal i. Pdf design of extensive green roofs for the major school plants.

Extensive green roof is the least expensive among the three types of green roofs in terms of installation as well as maintenance, as it can be selfretained. A comprehensive study of green roof performance from environmental perspective article pdf available may 2014 with 3,375 reads how we measure reads. Background a green roof is a thin layer of vegetation installed on a traditional flat or pitched roof. For customized technical solutions, please contact us. Liveroof has developed the following technical details for use in plans, and to accompany specifications. Guideline for the calculation of extensive green roofs. In the winter, green roofs insulate the upper floors of buildings and in the summer they cool buildings through shading and the process of evapotranspiration by plants. Green roof systems brochure all the technical data and information you need about our selection of intensive and extensive green roof systems. Green roofs are one of the most effective ways to reduce the ambient air temperature in urban areas. Extensive green roof an extensive green roof system is characterized of its vegetation, ranging from sedums to small grasses, herbs and flowering herbaceous plants, which need little maintenance and no permanent irrigation system.

Todays modern extensive green roofs egrs differ from these. Plant selection for extensive green roofs in the research. They are recognized as a benchmark set of guidelines for green roofs in germany. The system is engineered to meet the dinen 795 safety standard by using the extensive growing media as a ballast. Moreover, the project files section provides technically detailed information such as standard architectural details. History traces back to the hanging gardens of babylon. We have vegetative roof details in pdf, dwg autocad, and. To assist and support the work of architects, engineers and other users urbanscape green solutions team has developed a detailed bim object of urbanscape extensive green roof systems, which includes all of the necessary geometric, material, physical and functional characteristics of several urbanscape systems and layers. Download a guide to the most common green roof systems, cut through the.

Lightweight, lowmaintenance extensive or semiintensive roof solutions can. Recover is also a certified installer of the following green roof and waterproofing systems. While the greater substrate depth of intensive roofs can provide improved plant growth and support a greater diversity of plants, these roofs have more structural requirements. The extensive green roof should be distinguished from the traditional roof garden. Pdf pembangunan extensive green roof technology rifki. Extensive green roofs are often not accessible and are characterized by. The generic green roof model was developed on the basis of field studies in holzkirchen, leipzig 2, vienna 3 and kassel 4. It is designed to influence green roof design and encourage acceptance of green roofs, and aims to keep building owners from missing opportunities to benefit their own and their communitys financial, environmental and social bottom lines through the installation of green roofs. Climate clearly plays a major role in choosing the best plants for a green roof. As this is the most widely used tool employed in architectural design a. The flg fall arrest system is one of diadems special features, which distinguishes us from other green roof suppliers. The growing medium depth for an extensive green roof system is typically 6 inches or less. This online guide builds on our original downloadable pdf the diy guide to green and living roofs. Installation of a green roof on free library in philadelphia, pa.

The two basic types of green roof systems extensive and intensive are differentiated mainly by the cost,depth of growing medium and the choice of plants. The semiintensive green roof systems are planted in 6inch 15. Click on the pdf or dwg icons below to download the appropriate file. The climate data available for the test period dont contain any data for the atmospheric counter radiation, so it was necessary to consider their influence in a. A comprehensive study of green roof performance from environmental perspective. Twolayer bituminous membrane waterproofing designed to be used under green roof finishes. Green roofs allow energy saving due to a reduction in summer air conditioning of 25%, let alone the fact that the heat resistance of green roofs is higher and benefits are also gained in terms of winter heating in germany more than 10% of roofs are green roofs. Researchers suggested few characteristics of extensive green roof plants. Extensive green roofs have a planting substrate depth that is 6 inches 15.

The 24 principles of green engineering and green chemistry. References for green roofs minnesota stormwater manual. Evaluation of vegetable production on extensive gr een roofs. Pengembangan ruang terbuka hijau merupakan suatu solusi untuk menjaga lingkungan dari pemanasan global. The diadem150 extensive system was selected in 2010 to replace the 6,000 square foot eco roof on the ecotrust building in portland, or. Since the installation of extensive green roofs is easier and more flexible, most of the researches focused on the harsh environment on extensive green roofs. Because of building weight restrictions and costs, shallowsubstrate extensive roofs are much more common than deeper intensive roofs. These extensive green roof systems are constructed in shallow soil depths nominal 4inches with hearty, droughttolerant plants such as sedums, herbs and groundcovers. If sedum species alone are used for an extensive green roof, an irrigation system may be not required since they can survive more than 3 weeks without watering. In contrast, intensive green roofs have substrate depths greater than 6 inches. In the city of chicago alone a weston design consultant study estimates the. Spec 073363 or 329700 truly modular prevegetated green. The plants chosen must be appropriate for the roof type extensive, intensive, or semiintensive. Of course, this comes with a steeper price tag due to the additional.

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